Drugs Expert Witness

Our drug expert witness service is delivered by highly knowledgeable expert drugs consultants that have provided authoritative independent reports and testimony for civil, criminal and military cases in England, Scotland & Wales for over 20 years.

Drug Issues Covered

The team are exceptionally experienced in dealing with most drugs whether prescribed or controlled/illicit (as defined by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971) and are regularly instructed to comment upon:

  • Valuation - street prices and wholesale
  • drug prevalence
  • common methods of drug use and administration
  • cannabis cultivation and yield (including hydroponics)
  • possession with intent to supply
  • bulk purchase for personal use (scale of economy)
  • importation and distribution
  • dialogue interpretation and sequestration cases
  • Proceeds of Crime Act, to name but few areas.

Our Charges

Our hourly charge out rate for a report are in-line with The Criminal Legal Aid (Remuneration) Regulations 2013, and as such nearly all of our civil and criminal cases are funded with Prior Authority by the Legal Aid Agency. For private paying clients please contact us.

Court attendance is paid directly by the Court.

Providing a quotation

In order to produce a comprehensive quotation and report, it is essential that we receive as many of the following documents listed below:

  • Charge Sheet
  • Clear instructions from Counsel regarding what specifically is required from the report
  • Scene of crime report(s) and/or reports of police officers involved in the case
  • Any expert witness statements
  • Forensic reports
  • Any photographic/video evidence
  • Client’s proof of evidence (where appropriate)
  • Record of Interview (if available)

For further information, enquiries or assistance please contact Keith Edwards on 0207 324 2979, or email keith@release.org.uk.