25I N-BOMe

Harm Reduction

As 25I N-BOMe is one of the newer phenythylamines, very little is known about its potential long-term effects or risks associated with regular use. Currently, not even the LD50 (the dose which is lethal to most test subjects) is known. As a result, users should exercise extreme caution when taking it.

• 25I N-BOMe/2C-I-N-BOMe is known to be at least 16 times more active than 2C-I, and should only ever be taken at microgram (µg) levels, not milligram (mg) levels as you would with 2C-I
• If it is in pure powder form, small breezes, accidental inhalation, or touching the eyes or mouth after handling could result in full-blown effects or dangerous overdoses, so handle with extreme caution
• Due to its potency, 25I-NBOMe blotter paper must be lightly chewed on within the mouth for a maximum of 10 - 20 minutes and never immediately swallowed
• When dealing with such tiny quantities, it is incredibly easy to overdose when snorting, so this method is strongly advised against