Harm Reduction

AMT is active at very low doses (under 10mg) when taken orally, and individual tolerance will depend on factors such as age, sex, weight and frequency of use. It also takes far longer than similar substances to take effect, with the onset often not happening for 1hr+. It is therefore extremely important not to assume that you’ve taken a dud and re-dose too quickly.

When smoked (which is rare), AMT is active at even lower doses, as little as 2-5mg, but will take effect quicker (usually within half an hour).

It is fairly common for AMT to produce sensations of nausea, and these can quite often lead to vomiting, particularly amongst inexperienced users. If this happens to you or someone you are with, make sure they are conscious and able to respond (if not make sure they do not swallow their sick and call an ambulance) and try to get them to drink some water to replace lost fluids.

As it is so long-acting, it is not uncommon for the main effects to continue for many hours, possibly into the following day, after consumption. If someone is still under the effect of the substance make sure they do not drive or operate machinery, and if possible keep them resting until they have fully come down.

AMT acts as a weak MAOI, so be especially careful if you are taking any anti-depressants, and do not take with any other MAOIs.

As with all illegal substances:

Mixing with other drugs and alcohol should be avoided or kept within the user’s own known limits.

Be aware that sharing with mates is a serious offence (see legal section).

Try not to use alone- at the very least make sure someone knows where you are, and don’t use alone in a locked room or isolated place.