Harm Reduction

Regular use of lorazepam, like all benzodiazepines, can lead to a build-up of tolerance and addiction. Due to its relative strength compared to similar substances, it is extremely important to only use low doses; if taking it on prescription, follow your doctor’s advice, and if you have bought it yourself do not assume that it is equivalent to substances like valium.

  • Lorazepam can interact with many other substances, including alcohol and other benzodiazepines. Alcohol will increase the effects (make you sleepier and sleep longer) so it is best to avoid using it whilst taking lorazepam
  • Know your own limits- if you’re taking lorazepam to relax keep the dose low and don’t re-dose if it’s not having the effect you want
  • Lorazepam can be a powerful sedative, so make sure you’re somewhere safe (preferably at home) before taking it, and don’t drive, operate machinery etc. after taking it
  • If you’re out and have a drink, keep it with you at all times and make sure you’re with people you trust. If you think your drink may have been spiked stop drinking it immediately, and ask a member of staff to call the emergency services.