Harm Reduction

Like other white powder substances, mephedrone is usually ingested in ‘bombs’ (small hand-made packages often made with tobacco rolling paper and swallowed) or snorted like cocaine. Snorting mephedrone can be very damaging to the inside of the nose and if notes and straws are shared there is a risk of contracting blood-borne viruses like hepatitis.

Many reports of mephedrone use have involved compulsive re-dosing or ‘boosting’ as the user attempts to keep topped up and put off the associated ‘come down’ - often presented as feelings of anxiety and sleeplessness. Such patterns of compulsive use have quietened initial claims that mephedrone was a non-addictive alternative to other recreational euphoric stimulants, although its addiction potential is still not fully appreciated.

Higher doses have been shown to cause heart problems, particularly in those prone to such conditions, or younger and older people, so it’s important to know your own limits, start off with small doses, and don’t be tempted to redose too quickly or often. If using with friends, make sure you all keep an eye on each other in terms of how much you’re using, if anyone looks unwell, etc. Ideally at least one of you should have some basic first aid knowledge and at least one should not be using anything at the time.