Harm Reduction Hub

The Harm Reduction Hub is a community drop-in centre which provides low threshold harm reduction advice and signposting for any visitor, with the goal of benefitting people who are traditionally underserved due to stigma - such as people who rough sleep, use drugs, or sell sex.

It is located at our office on 61 Mansell Street - between Aldgate/Aldgate East and Tower Hill tube stations. 

Given the increasing spread of synthetic opioids contaminating multiple drug supplies across the UK, and the government’s hesitancy to provide the infrastructure and resources to protect people's health and wellbeing, we believe that there’s a need for a space to build our community knowledge and capacity to keep each other safer.


When is the Hub open? 

For now, the Hub is currently running from Monday to Friday, 14:00 to 17:00.  

We are looking to expand these hours as our staffing capacity for it increases – so stay tuned for any updates on the hours on this page or through our social media.


What does the Hub offer? 

  • Tea and coffee provision   
  • Naloxone 
  • Nitazenes test strips, xylazine test strips, and fentanyl test strips 
  • Safer sex supplies 
  • Needles, syringes, and other injection-related items 
  • Safer drug consumption items for other routes of administration 
  • Signposting to relevant services   
  • Legal referrals  
  • Basic legal one-off advice (with the same scope as our helpline or Ask Inbox)  
  • Basic public health literature available for takeaway (ex. hepatitis prevention and treatment information, basic information supporting people to register for a GP)   
  • Warming centre   
  • Community phone-charging space   
  • ‘Know your rights’ literature  
  • Merchandise for sale including t-shirts and drug reagent test kits 
  • Local community space where individuals can get to meet others and experience friendly conversation 


How can you get involved with the Hub? 

The Hub is largely run on donations. You can donate to keep the Hub stocked with supplies here.  

Alternatively, you can volunteer at the Hub by signing up on this form. We run training sessions for volunteer applicants seasonally, to build people’s knowledge around the basics of harm reduction and ways to support different people that might be visiting the Hub. This means that it might take us a bit of time to be in contact, but we will email when the next training cohort is about to begin!