Nice People Take Drugs T-shirts - Unisex

Our Nice People Take Drugs campaign originally started in 2009 to address the unwarranted stigma attached to people experiencing drug issues. The campaign has been brought back by popular demand to address the unnecessary and continued vilification faced by far too many people. The statement is to invoke debate, thwart misconceptions and confront stereotyping.

The money generated from these and our other campaign products is used to push the drug policy debate forward and engage as many people as possible.

Sizes listed below are UK/EU sizing. North American sizes are one level below, i.e. EU Medium = NA Small, EU Large = NA Medium etc.

**Please note that there is an additional shipping charge of £3.00 for products sent outside of the UK. 



Nice People Take Drugs - Unisex Charcoal T-Shirt
Unisex - Charcoal S