TalkingDrugs Volunteers

We are on the look out for TalkingDrugs Volunteers to support Translation (English --> Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian), Research & Writing.

TalkingDrugs is one of the few online platforms dedicated to providing unique news and analysis on drug policy, harm reduction and related issues around the world. We deliver geographically diverse coverage of the important issues, with a level of topic expertise often lacking in the mainstream media.

TalkingDrugs gives people the opportunity to become engaged in the debate, and encourages those who wish to contribute to get in touch with us about either volunteering or submitting a piece of work for publication.

In particular, we are keen for people to tell their stories of how drugs and/or policies have affected their lives or their communities. TalkingDrugs is an anti-racist, sex worker allied, trans-inclusive, abolitionist platform that is grounded in a respect for people who use drugs and for those who are most egregiously impacted by punitive drug laws.

TalkingDrugs is managed by Release, the UK’s centre of expertise on drugs, the law and human rights.

TalkingDrugs relies on the work of numerous volunteers who offer their time, skills and knowledge. We are grateful to those who are able to volunteer with TalkingDrugs, and are committed to supporting their ongoing work. We also understand that not everybody is able to volunteer their time and do not expect volunteers to work outside of their capacity.

Volunteers work closely with the current Editor of Talking Drugs, Imani Robinson. Imani is an interdisciplinary writer, researcher and educator. Watch their plenary speech at HR19 in Porto, Portugal.



TalkingDrugs publishes articles in 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Thai and Russian. We welcome volunteers who wish to translate from English to any of the above languages.

We are specifically seeking volunteers to translate from English into:

  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Italian

If you would like to volunteer your translation skills, please get in touch with our editor Imani Robinson:


Research & Writing

We publish regular articles on TalkingDrugs, providing our readers with non-judgemental news and analysis on drugs and drug laws, with a particular focus on how such policies impact people and communities who use drugs, and people who don’t us drugs but are impacted by punitive drug laws. Instead of covering all types of drug news, we choose to highlight stories and perspectives that have either:

  • Not been picked up by mainstream media; OR
  • Been covered in mainstream media - in ways that are stigmatising, inaccurate, or uncritical of the war on drugs and its harms.

If you would like to write for TalkingDrugs, please get in touch with our editor Imani Robinson: