COVID-19 & the impact on the drugs market

Release is setting up a network of people across the UK to provide information on what is going on in the drugs market in light of the Coronavirus.

Like many commodities, the drugs market is likely to suffer from stockpiling and shortages. We are interested in hearing from people who use and/ or supply drugs about their experiences. We would like people to update us throughout this difficult period. We are interested in learning some of the following:

  • Is there a change in the market?
  • Is the market stable?
  • Have prices gone up?
  • Have deals got smaller?
  • Are there more adulterated drugs?
  • Are new drugs appearing?
  • Are people shifting to alternative substances as their usual drug of choice dries up?


These are just some of the questions we are interested in, but any information you have on the market is welcomed. The purpose of this learning is to ensure we can share the most accurate harm reduction messages, signpost people to the right harm reduction interventions and to treatment if that is what they want. We cannot do this research alone!

If you have any information please contact our confidential phone line or email:

Call: 020 7324 2988


In the next few days we will be launching a web form for people to also use, and will update the page when that is live.

If you would like to join the network of people across the country who are supporting this work please email: