GHB (and GBL)

Harm Reduction

The strength of GHB varies a great deal. It is therefore advisable to take a small amount at first in order to avoid unexpectedly taking more than intended. After use, there is likely to be a lack of energy for hours or even days.

The doses of GHB and GBL are different, and should be thoroughly considered. The same dose has different effects on different people. What may be a normal dose for one user could be a dangerous overdose to another user, tolerance can develop very quickly and it is dangerous to mix either drug with alcohol or any CNS depressant.

GHB has recently been associated with “date rape”.

Taken in strong doses or with alcohol, the effects of GHB can be physically disabling. GHB is difficult to detect in a strongly flavoured alcoholic drink. These qualities have led people to “spike” alcoholic drinks with GHB, with the intention of committing a sexual assault against the “disabled” victim.

The risk of having your drink spiked with GHB should not be exaggerated. American research has shown that alcohol alone is implicated in over 90% of sexual assaults. However, it is a risk of which you should be aware.

To avoid being a victim of any date rape drug, the best advice is not to accept a drink unless you have seen it being prepared and not to leave your drink unattended.

You should be careful about accepting any form of drug (including alcohol) from someone who is not known to you.

Symptoms of having been “spiked” could include extreme drowsiness, slight nausea and paralysis of the limbs, blurred vision and audio/spatial disorientation.

If you think you may have been “spiked”, it is best to stay with a trusted friend (not someone you have just met) and go to a safe place (your home/hospital/police station).