Naloxone and NSP Click and Deliver Map

The above map is a proto-type which is currently being developed by the Drugs team at Release. Please get in touch with any questions or feedback, and we hope to be able to update this map with more information soon.

31-08-23 UPDATE:

In the top left hand of this map is an icon you can click to show or hide the list of 'layers' on this map. You can turn on the 'Naloxone Click and Deliver' layer to see where you can mail order naloxone. Clicking an area where display a description which includes a link to the necessary website to place your order.

In most of England, there is no such service for naloxone, but many individual commissioned drug services might be willing to mail you naloxone if you get in touch with them. We have provided the addresses to those services here and will be updating those pins with the contact information for each service in the coming weeks.

We have also included a layer where you can view areas which use NSP Direct to offer mail order needles, syringes, and related items. Many of these areas do not currently offer naloxone as part of that service, but we hope they will expand to include it soon.