Sex Workers and the Law Booklet (2017 Edition)

“Sex Workers and the Law” outlines: the criminal offences related to sex working and the buying of sexual services; offences specific to premises used for sex working; the law around anti social behaviour orders; dealing with the police and the criminal justice system more generally; criminal records; trafficking offences; advice on tax and the rules around non British sex workers. In short, it is hoped that this publication will be a practical guide for those whose sex work and those involved in the industry as well as statutory and voluntary agencies, and other professionals who come into contact with those involved in the sex industry.

Release is a charity which since 1967 has offered advocacy, education, campaigning and the only free helpline specialising in drug-related legal issues. Our advice is professional and confidential and it is our aim to promote understanding of drug-related issues and to support an often marginalised section of society.

“This excellent, much needed and well researched publication provides sensible and invaluable advice for those working in the sex industry” Sebastian Gardiner, Barrister, 25 Bedford Row.