5-MeO Group


5-MeO-AMT's chemistry was first published in an article by Alexander Shulgin and David Nichols in 1978, ‘Characterization of three new psychotomimetics’. Shulgin's 1997 book TiHKAL described its chemistry in greater depth. It began to be seen for sale on the streets in the form of pressed tablets at the turn of the millennium.

Shulgin detailed his synthesis and investigations of 5-MeO-DiPT in ‘Communications in Psychopharmacology’ (1980). It remained an extremely obscure chemical until the late 1990s when it started being produced commercially as a research chemical, and was seen for sale at street level soon after this.

The first publication of the synthesis and pharmacology of the 5-MeO-MIPT compound was in 1985 in ‘Journal of Medicinal Chemistry’ by Repke, Grotjahn & Shulgin. There is very little history of its use recreationally, though some websites advertise it as a research chemical.

DALT is one of the newest of the 5-MeO group, having only been synthesised by Shulgin around the turn of the millennium. It was sampled by a group of ‘psychonauts’ from at least 2002, and in May 2004 Shulgin himself wrote a breakdown of it (in the style of his famous ‘TiHKAL’ entries) for inclusion in his next book. It has been on sale online and in ‘headshops’ since c.2006, but due to its relative newness and uncertainty about its potential effects, it is not known how widely used it currently is.