Media enquiries

Release staff regularly provide comment to the media on a range of drugs issues. Particular areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • UK drug policy
  • Drug laws in the UK
  • Drug prevalence rates
  • Changing patterns in drug use
  • Policy proposals that impact on people who use drugs, for example, benefit reforms or anti-social behaviour legislation
  • Supply side issues including trafficking of drugs and cultivation of cannabis
  • Drug treatment and harm reduction

Media Enquiries

Contact Niamh Eastwood email telephone 020 7324 2980

or André Gomes email telephone 020 7324 2996


Recent press releases issued by the organisation can be accessed here:

Press Release: 2023 marks the deadliest year yet. A looming public health emergency desperately requires action.

Press Release: Charities and activists support the Scottish Government’s calls for the UK government to reform the drug laws or give them the power to implement reforms

Press Release: Drug law charity condemn Government’s decision to ignore evidence and advice of their own experts as it moves to criminalise nitrous oxide

Open letter to Home Office from 500 public health and criminal justice experts calling for a rethink of Drug Possession Proposals

Press Release: Drug-related deaths are once again the highest since records began, the Home Office must urgently reform UK drug policy to save lives

Press Release: Launch of “Regulating Right, Repairing Wrongs: Exploring Equity and Social Justice Initiatives within UK Cannabis Reform” report

Press Release: Number of drug-related deaths rises to highest on record, the UK Government must declare a public health emergency - Deaths relating to opiates, MDMA & cocaine are highest on record

Press Release: Local authorities and prisons failing to reduce opioid deaths - Many of England’s local authorities are failing to provide enough of a lifesaving overdose reversal medication to people who need it

Press Release: Drug-related deaths in England & Wales reach highest figure on record - Government policy directly contributing to public health crisis

Press Release - New App Launched to Help People Arrested for Drug Possession Offences

Press Release - West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Calls for Harm Reduction

Press Release - England’s local authorities failing to act as opioid deaths soar. local authorities are failing to provide a safe and cheap overdose reversal medication to those who need it

Press Release - Number of drug-related deaths in England and Wales rises to highest on record, Government must declare public health emergency

Press Release - ACMD report highlights role of government failings in rising drug deaths

Press Release - 2015 sees highest number of drug misuse deaths on record in England and Wales, underscoring failings of government drug policy

Press Release - Increasing number of countries decriminalising drug use ahead of UN debate on global drug policy

Press Release - NGOs call on Home Office to push through reforms on strip search and traffic stops

Press Release - Over 80 high-profile individuals and organisations call on the PM to Reform UK Drug Policy

Press Release – MET Police stop and search nearly 17,000 children under the age of 15 for drugs

Press Release: Release & LSE to launch new report on racial disparity & the policing and prosecution of drug offences (21 August 2013)

Press Release: Sentencing Council Guidelines for Drug Offences see reduced sentences for 'drug mules' (24 January 2011)

Press Release: Celebrities campaign for review of drug laws


Print and online media

Release staff are frequently interviewed by national newspapers and broadcast media. Some recent examples of this work are:

Decriminalise drug possession, campaigners tell David Cameron - Comments from Niamh Eastwood

More than 90 celebrities, politicians, lawyers and health experts have written to the prime minister in an urgent call for a review of the government's policy on illegal drugs - great coverage from the Support. Don't Punish Day of Action

Black people twice as likely to be charged with drugs possession – report

Drug Policy: Release supports Richard Branson’s call for decriminalisation of drug possession

Drug Policy: Release report - decriminalisation does not lead to increased drug use

Drug Policy: Release calls into the question the effectiveness of the Government’s drug policy

Comment: Channel 4’s Drugs Live encourages a nationwide debate on drug use

Drug Laws: The rise of legal highs, what should be done?

Drug treatment: Release comments on Government decision to allow foil to be distributed to people who use drugs

Drug treatment: Release criticises Government’s focus on ‘recovery’ at the expense of harm reduction

Drug trends: Results of the Global Drug Survey and the rise of internet drug dealing

Welfare reform: Release says capping of benefits of those struggling with addiction is counter-productive



Release Executive Director on Radio 4’s Today programme talking about the Home Affairs Select Committee’s Report on Drugs




Should laws on drugs be relaxed? Debate from Executive Directer, Niamh Eastwood

Drugs: Black and Asian disproportionately targeted - Head of Legal Services, Kirstie Douse reports