Release & Transform's submission to the Home Affairs Select Committee's Short Inquiry into the Psychoactive Substances Bill

The Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) is holding a short inquiry into the impact of the proposed Psychoactive Substances Bill focusing on education, treatment for novel psychoactive substance users, and the competency of law enforcement agencies to enforce this legisaltion. The Committee's work is intended to inform the Commons stages of the passage of the Psychoactive Susbtances Bill, due in the autumn. 

Release and our colleagues at Transform have submitted the attached joint submission affirming the real possibility that law enforcement agencies will be unable to enforce this ban and the need for greater harm reduction including improving on the government's derisory educational outreach efforts with reference to legal highs. Release and Transform urge the government to use this opportunity to instigate a wide-ranging independent review of the efficacy and proportionality of the Misuse of Drug Act.