Popular names Street names for pill form: ‘E’, ‘pills’, ‘XTC’, ‘doves’ and many others depending on the ‘brand’. Street names for powder form: ‘MD’, ‘mandy’, ‘molly’
What is it?

Ecstasy is the popular name for MDMA but informally ecstasy usually refers to the pill form and MDMA, usually a higher strength, refers to powder form. Ecstasy speeds up the body’s reactions and functions in many different ways.


Sought after effects
  • sense of euphoria
  • feelings of empathy or emotional understanding in and between individuals
Undesired effects
  • raised blood pressure
  • raised body temperature
  • ‘comedown’ (usually depressed and tired feeling) as effects wear off
What does it look like?

Pills are found in varying colours and designs and powder is usually sold as brown or off-white crystal-like powder in small paper packets called ‘wraps’. MDMA can also be found in capsule form, usually in high doses.

How is it taken?

Swallowed: Pills/capsules are typically swallowed (ingested).

Powder can also be swallowed by ‘bombing’. A ‘bomb’ is prepared by wrapping individual doses in cigarette paper.

Snorted: usually divided into lines and snorted (insufflated) via rolled up paper or ‘bumped’/’keyed’ i.e. small amount sniffed