Popular names ‘drone,’ ‘miaow’, ‘bubbles’, meow meow', 'meph', 'bounce'
What is it?

Mephedrone is a stimulant, speeding up reactions and functions in the body in many different ways. It was actually first made in 1929, but was not well-known until it was re-discovered in 2003.

Sought after effects

Effects have been noted as similar to cocaine and MDMA

  • feelings of happiness
  • wakefulness
  • sociable
Undesired effects
  • ‘comedown’ (usually depressed and tired feeling) as effects wear off
  • anxiety


What does it look like?

Mephedrone is found as a white powder

How is it taken?

Snorted: usually divided into lines and snorted (insufflated) via rolled up paper or ‘bumped’/’keyed’ i.e. small amount sniffed.

Swallowed: Powder can also be swallowed by ‘bombing’. A ‘bomb’ is prepared by wrapping individual doses in cigarette paper.