Popular names ‘Qat’, ‘Qaat’, ‘Gaat’, ‘Miraa’
What is it?

The khat plant contains stimulant drugs (active ingredients are ‘cathinone’-type chemicals), which act in a similar to amphetamine. It is grown mainly in Northeastern Africa, e.g. Yemen.

Sought after effects
  • euphoric high accompanied by a sensation down the spine and through the body.
  • talkative
Undesired effects

It can cause excessive sleepiness and depression.

Excessive use is thought to have harmful effects on health but this has not been properly researched.

What does it look like?

Khat are usually green but other parts of the plant can be used and are various shades of red and purple as well.

How is it taken?

Chewed: The leaves of the khat plant are chewed or ‘stored’ in the cheeks where the drug is orally absorbed into the blood.

An ‘average’ user may chew one or two bundles per session. Khat use is a heavily social activity, with teas and resting cushions and disposal bowls typically provided.