GHB (and GBL)


Popular names GHB - 'G', ‘Liquid ecstasy’, Liquid X’, 'Easy Lay', 'Cherry Meth', 'Scoop', Organic Quaalude', ‘Fantasy’. GBL - ‘Midnight blue’, ‘Blue nitro’, ' Alloy Cleaner', 'Magic Stripper'.
What is it?

GHB is a depressant substance; it slows down the body’s reactions and functions in many different ways.

Sought after effects
  • unihibited
  • mild euphoriant
  • relaxed feeling
  • aid sleep
  • a supliment for body building
Undesired effects
  • loss of body control - effects similar to alcohol which can last for several hours
  • feeling sick and being sick
  • numb muscle and disorientation
  • seizures and collapsed
  • psychosis and severe agitation
  • tachycardia
  • delerium
  • audio and visual hallucinations
  • paranoia

There is a strong sexual component associated with the drug’s action, which is related to it being used as a ‘date rape’ drug.

What does it look like?

GHB is a white crystalline powder. The powder is rarely sold on at street or club level. Instead the salt is mixed with water to produce a clear liquid - often sold in small platic bottles.

GHB can be easiliy manufactured from GBL which is typically sold in plastic bottles, sometimes labelled but often unmarked.

How is it taken?

GHB and GBL is most commonly taken orally in liquid form; the powder is not commonly snorted, but dissolved in fluid.

Swallowed:  It can take up to an hour for the effects to be fully felt, dosing is person specifc but very small quantities can cause people to overdose, GBL is typically two to three times stonger than GHB. For example: if your 1ml dose of GHB is actually GBL, the strength may be the equivalent of taking 2-3ml. This level is more likely to lead to over-dosing (unconsciousness and coma) particularly if you have not tried it before or have a lower tolerance. The reverse is also true: if your 1ml dose of GBL is actually GHB the actual strength maybe 2-3 times less. 

GBL is converted to GHB in the body, appears in the same liquid form and produces equivalent effects to GHB.

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