Popular names ‘subbies’, ‘temmies’, ‘bupe’, 'suboxone'
What is it?

Subutex is the trade name for Buprenorphine, which is a man-made (synthetic) drug licensed for the treatment of opioid (heroin, morphine) addiction.

Sought after effects
  • long-lasting
  • less drowsy than methadone
  • forces user into full withdrawal
Undesired effects
  • none of the pleasurable effects attributed to recreational opiate use
  • cannot use heroin or other opiates on top
What does it look like?

It is found as small white or yellow tablets.

How is it taken?

Buprenorphine is a prescription only medication. It is usually prescibed by your local drug service, occasionally by your GP, and often only if they have a drugs worker attached to their practice. You will usually be asked to be free from any opiates/ opioids for around 24hrs before starting treatment, to prevent you going into an acute withdrawal. Unlike methadone, it can be difficult for your liver to manage if you have had or do have problems, such as alcohol dependency and Hepatitis, and often you will be asked to have a blood test to check the health of your liver before a prescription is started.

Under-the-tongue: subutex tablets are designed to be taken/dissolved under the tongue (sub-lingually)