Popular names ‘magic mushrooms’, ‘shroomz’
What is it?

Magic mushrooms is the popular term for mushrooms or toadstools that contain active drugs. There are several different species of mushrooms, the ones that people use for their positive effects are the hallucinogenic types contain psilocybin. These change the body’s functions and reaction and the way the brain sees things.

Sought after effects

Effects similar to LSD:

  • Senses become distorted.
  • Changes to time, space and meaning – ‘trips’ can be ecstatic experiences


Undesired effects
  • Distortions or ‘trips’ can be also be frightening like paranoid nightmares – ‘bad trip’
  • Can negatively affect people who have mental health problems
What does it look like?

Mushrooms grown in the UK are small cream to brown coloured with a nipple at the peak of the cap.

How is it taken?

Swallowed: certain mushroom types can be eaten raw (such as Liberty Caps).

They also can be dried out and stored. When dried, they can be smoked in a joint or a pipe. They are often drunk by brewing them in a cup of tea.