Popular names 'Morf', 'Morpho', 'M.S.', 'Miss Emma', 'Mister Blue', 'Monf'
What is it?

Morphine is an opiate that comes from the opium poppy, and is in fact the 'daddy' of the family of substances that come from this plant (others include codeine, papaverine, thebaine etc.)

Sought after effects
  • very effective painkiller (often the only effective pain relief for chronic pain syndromes)
  • wide range of formulations available
Undesired effects
  • large dose usually required
  • short-acting
  • very 'prickly' when injected
  • dose increases usually required (variable 'ceiling' dose)
  • doctors often reluctant to prescribe
What does it look like?

Either blue or white tablets, capsules or ampoules.

How is it taken?

Swallowed: tablet and capsule form are swallowed (ingested)

Injected: ampoule form is injected