Popular names ‘meth’, ‘ice’, ‘crystal’, ‘crank’, ‘yaabaa’ (Thai for ‘crazy pills’) and ‘shabbu’
What is it?

Methamphetamine is powerful stimulant drug, related to amphetamine, i.e. it speeds up the body’s reactions and functions.

Sought after effects
  • Euphoric,
  • Increased energy
  • talkativeness
  • heightened libido
Undesired effects
  • Panicky
  • Obsessive
  • Excessive sweating
  • Sexually irresponsible
What does it look like?

Usually comes in the form of crystalline whitish powder, although colorant may be added and pills also appear.

How is it taken?

Smoked: heated on foil

Injected: when dissolved in water, it can be injected

Swallowed: can be swallowed (ingested) in pill form

Snorted: in its white crystalline form, it can be snorted (insufflated)

Smoking and injecting produce the intense rush characteristic of the drug.