Alkyl Nitrites ('poppers')


Popular names ‘poppers’, ‘amyls’, ‘liquid gold’, ‘TNT’, ‘Rush’, ‘Raw’
What is it?

Amyl nitrite or ‘poppers’ are a liquid chemical that act by allowing more blood into the heart – giving the user a ‘rush’.

Sought after effects
  • Short high/rush
  • Enhanced sexual experience
Undesired effects
  • Headache
  • If poppers are stale, can make you feel sick/faint
  • Can negatively affect people with heart problems
What does it look like?

Poppers come in small bottles with screw or plug tops. The liquid is a yellow colour and they smell sickly sweet.


How is it taken?

Sniffed: poppers are sniffed (inhaled) from the bottle