NRG-1, NRG-3, naphyrone


There is a lot of contraversy on the chemical identity of NRG. Below is a list of product names (on the left) with the chemicals found within them.

  • NRG-1: Butylone + MDPV; Flephedrone; Flephedrone + MDPV; caffeine; naphyrone; mephedrone; procaine
  • NRG-2: 4-MEC; mephedrone + benzocaine; mephedrone; benzocaine + caffeine
  • NRG-3: Alpha-PVP
  • NRG Red Eyes: Ephedrine
  • NRG Now: Caffeine
  • NRG Ultra: MDPV

The majority of samples purported to contain naphyrone which have been analyzed to date contain other materials such as mephedrone, butylone and other related compounds. However, it is highly possible that the chemists who supply the legal high websites are ‘dumping’ their old stocks of cathinones (which are now controlled by the generic classification) under the trade name naphyrone (NRG-1). This is fraught with potential problems, particularly if genuine naphyrone becomes more widely available as the dose required is ten-fold less than for mephedrone and this could lead to a significant risk of overdose.

The current prevalence of naphyrone use is unknown. However, many of the websites that were previously selling mephedrone now purport to be selling naphyrone through the brand name NRG-1. 

Some naphyrone suppliers are marketing the drug for as little as 25p a dose (£12.50 / gram, or 1kg for £2,500). Some internet based retailers are selling naphyrone (NRG-1) as a premium based plant food or pond cleaner.