Harm Reduction

Because the drug comes on so quickly and with such force, many users find the experience daunting and scary. Accompanying this can be a racing heart and increased breathing.

Some users also report nausea and loss of balance. Users should have a safe, comfortable place to sit or lay when using the drug. If you want to experience a dose of Salvia it is advisable to have a ‘sitter’ because some users attempt to get up and walk about while intoxicated. This can happen even to people aware of the effects of hallucinogens. 

It is not advisable to use this drug for the first time in a club or at a festival because of its differing and sometimes disturbing effects on different people.

Lobelia, a red flowering plant that grows up to six feet high is often recommended as a moderating influence on more powerful or uncontrollable trips. Its extract is contained in some of the Salvia x40 preparations. It does not possess any hallucinogenic qualities in itself.

Salvia is also sometimes used in a dark and quiet room because users believe this brings out the disassociative effect. However, first time users should not attempt this alone because the results can be disturbing. The higher concentrations (x10, 15,40) should be avoided by inexperienced users.

Read any information you can before you embark on a ‘trip’. This may be a very intense experience.