Harm Reduction

Knowing your own body is essential to the use of any substance, so it is always safest when starting use of unknown substances to begin with small doses until you discover your own tolerance levels. DMT only requires very small (milligram) amounts to have an effect on an inexperienced user.

When taken orally (swallowed) or snorted, DMT is not active unless taken alongside MonoAmine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs). These are found in many prescription drugs taken for conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression, so extreme caution should be taken when considering the use of DMT this way, as it is easy to overdose on MAOIs without realising it.

When smoked in a glass pipe, users should ensure it is clean and that the solutions used do not contain any harmful contaminants. The smoke produced is harsh and bitter and can produce a sensation of burning in the throat and lungs. Some crystals can remain in the bottom of the pipe after use and it is important to thoroughly clean these out before further use, as they will combine with the next quantity when heated, meaning the user gets a higher dose than they were anticipating. It is also advised however, that if you wish to smoke DMT, you try to use a vapourizer rather than a glass pipe

If injecting, it is vital to use clean needles and equipment and not to share them, as blood borne viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis C are easily spread on used needles.

When using, it is always safest to have people you can trust around you (such as close mates) or at the very least knowing where you are. If using with other people, keep your own drugs to yourself (remember, the law considers sharing, even with mates, to be supplying) and keep an eye on each other. If possible, one of you should have some knowledge of First Aid, and you should always have a phone close to hand to call the emergency services if the worst happens.