2C-B (& other 2C-type drugs)

Harm Reduction

2C-I is sometimes mistaken for 25I-NBOMe (sometimes referred to as 2C-I-NBOMe) due to their similar appearance, effects and names. 25I, however, is far more potent than 2C-I, and as a result should be taken at much lower doses than 25I

2C-B is not known to be physically addictive, but like all such substances a user can develop a psychological dependence (feeling like they need to keep taking it). A short term tolerance can build up if it is used for two or more days in a row, but this will reduce fairly quickly. If you’re a regular user, it’s therefore advisable to have a break of a few days each week, or longer if you start to notice any side effects or that the drug is no longer taking effect.

2C-B can interact negatively with several types of medication, particularly certain anti-depressants, so if you are taking these it is advisable to avoid using 2C-B.

If you have any mental health problems, or are going through a particularly emotionally difficult part of your life, you should think very carefully about taking any of the 2C drugs. The experiences they produce can be frightening and overwhelming to inexperienced users, and can trigger panic attacks or episodes of psychosis in those vulnerable to them.

As 2C-B is often used as a ‘party drug’ along the lines of Ecstasy, users can get a rush that will make them feel they need to dance; it is important to remember that you will become dehydrated very quickly when being very active, particularly in a hot place like a club or party, so it is important to stay hydrated- drink water regularly, and try not to drink too much alcohol, avoid it if possible.

• It’s easy to get disorientated, so make sure you’re somewhere you feel safe, with people you know and trust, and that you know how to get home

• 2C-B can make you feel very emotionally open and tactile (wanting to feel contact with other people) so be aware of your surroundings, stay close to friends (or at least make sure they know where you are), don’t go off alone with people you don’t completely trust and if you have a drink, keep it with you at all times